The Good And The Bad


I decided to add this section after I noticed that there was a large amount of good and bad suppliers of parts, complete bots and filaments. So add a comment with your good or bad experiences, company name etc and I will add it to the list. Hopefully this will help a lot of people out when purchasing things for their RepRap.

Here’s the list so far:

* EBay seller: nrg24seven – I personally purchased GT2 belts and pulleys as well as couplers from this eBay seller. The deal from beginning to end was a pleasure. He sold me quality parts at a great price. He is located in the U.S. and I would buy from him again.

* – They have great prices on everything electronic including any parts you may need to keep your 3D printer happy. A lot of parts are Chinese clones. There has been some known issues with poor quality parts. The old adage, ” you get what you pay for” May be true in some parts. Service is ok and sometimes ship poorly package but, they replaced any broken or defective parts. Shipping from China to U.S. typically takes between 8-14 days and can be expensive if shipping isn’t free. They also have a lot of eBay stores for better deals on some parts. They also offer tracking numbers for anything over $40.

*PushPlastic – Filament Supplier
Great prices and a lot of care is taken when they pack products for shipping. They are located within the U.S. and they are very quick to respond to any questions that I’ve had. I would recommend them time and time again.

Extrudables – Filament Supplier
Great products for a great price. They are an official U.S. retailer of FilaFlex and other great filaments. I have known the owner through the Printrbottalk forums for quite sometime. If your looking for filament, check out their website.

*Printrbot – They have great customer service and one of the best forums I’ve ever been on. If they mess up they definitely do everything they can to fix the problem. They’ve recently expanded their filiment stock and they have great printers.

* – Maker Geeks carries a wide selection of filiments. Everything from PVA, PLA, ABS to newer conductive filiment and glow in the dark. Great products and just about anything you may ever need for your 3D printer. They have quick email responses and work hard to make sure you the customer are satisfied with every order.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about SeeMeCNC. They are always pushing the envelope and exploring innovation. SeeMe is a U.S. based company that sells all kinds of 3D printing relates goodies. They specialize in Delta style printers.

They are well known for their RepRap control software (MatterControl) as well as their software based auto-leveling program. Great people to buy from. Always willing to answer any questions, which makes for a great customer service experience. They stock all kinds of goodies including filament.

* (cheap, but some parts are so-so quality wise. Filament is ok and the cheapest I have seen so far.) –

* (they get their electronics from a Chinese distributor.) There hasn’t been too much info to say that they are good or bad.

*RepRap Discount IIRC – (They have been known to have a good reputation)

* (Cooperation between a Polish shop and a Chinese manufacturer; delivery times were blazing fast from China, even faster than from some European suppliers. Good prices and friendly service. Quality is also top-notch for their driver boards – they come packaged in a small plastic box with heat sinks pre-installed.) –

* (the shop of core forum member Stoffel15, in case you need an all-metal hot end) –

* (one of the few European suppliers to carry the 400 step/rev. motor at reasonable price; you may want to ask them to package the motors well as mine got a little bit dinged)

* (We have been told that they have high quality parts that are wrapped well for shipping. An all around positive experience for customers.)

The bad: —»
Japica has proven time and time again to be an untrustworthy company. They have an F- rating with the better business bureau as well as a horrible EBay score. There kickstarter was shut down only days after it began do to no videos of actual printing and using renderings instead of using realistic views. The owner also lashed out on the reprap forums after some people said they thought his claims were not true. He never ended up showing real video of his machine achieving his wild claims. All in all his parts are sub par except for his filaments and he himself said that his business was going under as he was cussing out reprap forum members. Buyer be warned- this company is given 1/2 out of 5 stars rating.

  1. Helpful article, I recenlty bought a Rambo board from Ultimachine, and it was amazingly well packaged, and a very high quality board, I recommend them 100%.

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