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Trip To The North: Seattle Bound

For the next week I will be up in the Seattle area to work at a full machine shop. Another member of RepRap Squad is putting me up for the week as well as letting me have full access to his extensive machine shop. The best part is that he also has another shop with lathe at his house. One of the projects I will be working on is my all metal hotend. I designed the majority of it to be built using a lathe. I plan on testing 3 variations of the design. The first one being about the size of a J – head hotend and the 2nd is just a shorter version essentially. The last of the variants being similar to the new Prusa designed hotend. I have created my own designs and im just using the previous as a frame of reference.

My hotend was designed to be able to run at high temps which gives it the ability to print using just about any filiment on the market. I didn’t want it to require a fan like most all metal hotends but, the more we mess around with it and prototype. The more we realize that in order to get our ultra sharp melt zone, we might use one. It’s a small fan @ 20-30mm and weight is minimal. The further I get into it and the more I research,  the more I see that there are so many benefits to adding a fan.

I will also be working on designs for the Printrbot Simple modifications I will eventually be making. During this trip I will be focusing on building a platform and stabilizer for the base of the simple. I will also be experimenting with lathed hobbed bolts. I brought with me a wide variations of bolts and rods to find out what combination will work the best. Some of my focus will be on hobbing specifically for a bowden style extruder setup. I will be setting up my dual bowden Printrbot Plus V2.


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