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Printrbot Releases Info On The Go V2

Printrbot has finally revealed information on the new Go V2’s. They will be coming in 3 different sizes ranging from small to huge. As we speculated a few months ago, it will have larger rods, more motors and aluminum bearing blocks. The huge size as well as the others offers print space that is actually usable. Most manufacturers brag about z axis height but, once you get to a specific size its nothing that a person would actually use. I have a fairly large print space on my heavily modded Plus V2/V2.2 hybrid. The majority of the space I use is in the x and y axis as I often print lots of smaller objects at one time versus printing one really large item.

Stepping up the size is only part of the game as the majority comes down to the quality of parts and how they are assembled. Printrbot has always used quality parts and a good portion of those parts are done in house so that they can make sure those parts meet their standards. Working extensively with the only other Go V1 owner in the US. I understand why the Go V1 was taken off the market. The concept was great but the design wasn’t quite there yet. Brook took the time to go through the design to create a well thought out and quite impressive lineup of Go V2’s.

He definitely went above and beyond when he added the new Go will offer up dual as well as triple DDE setups. No doubt that the new Go will attract more attention from the serious user. Less tinkering and more serious rapid prototyping is expected out of the Go platform. We decided to add any information we could find on the new design so that you can enjoy all that is the new GO

Brook Drumm Posted This About The New GO
The limited edition Printrbot Go family. Go small, medium or Large for $1299, $1499 or $1699. The Large is 24″x12″x12″ and will have triple extruders, the medium is 16″x8″x8″ and will have double extruders. All have a Raspberry Pi on board and are battery ready. All will have 12mm bars all around, lots of machined aluminum & glass print beds. The medium and large have dual x, y & z motors.

Why make these? I wanted a large printer that travels well and sets up to print fast… Maybe a few of you out there want one too. The small fits into a carry on Pelican case perfectly. I’ve been jealous of other large printers but wanted width instead of height. The cool thing is they all fold up for minimal impact on your desk or storage. I don’t like huge boxed printers that have massive visual impact and near the two-man-lift territory.

I don’t take these too seriously, the big ones verge on ridiculous but I give myself permission to explore fun projects. Did I mention the medium one is completely finished and prints beautifully?!

I can’t wait to print some massive prints and see what’s possible with three extruders. Adding dual extruders to the plus is nice, but this huge real estate on the medium and large offers no compromise in print size from dual and triple heads. I refuse to use Bowden tubes so direct drives will so it.

I’ll get them up for sale tomorrow (fingers crossed) with a 1-2 week lead time -based on current orders on the cue.

Let me know what you think. These are ancillary to our main line up, so very little risk if they don’t sell.

The Large isn’t meant to compete with MakerBot’s Z18, but I am proud of now having the largest printer out there with a price that cleanly puts it in the value category. The price to print size ratio is pretty good I think. It won’t disappoint me if people compare the ratio to the Z18, but these are on the hacker category not the “prosumer” or “industrial” category… Whatever those mean.

I’ll post pics and videos next week of prints, performance and all the features.


Posted from RepRap Squad HQ


GO Plus Simple Equals Printrbot


Plans For The Future:
The simple shows so many great design cues from the high strength wire it uses to the beautifully designed direct drive extruder that we will be testing out shortly. RepRap Squad will be documenting the CNC Simple build as well as any mods we do. We couldn’t ask for a better platform to teach all of our students about Printrbot as a company as well as 3D printing as a whole. Its almost like the Simple was designed as a teaching aid as it fits in perfectly with the curriculum.  The timing worked out well for RepRap Squad as well because we should be receiving anyday now our RAMPS 1.4 setup, which will be the brains or controller for our Printrbot Plus V2.


Now we are able to show the spectrum of bots that Printrbot offers as well as show the different setups and how they work. The Printrbot Plus is one of the largest platforms that Printrbot sells as well as its brother, the Printrbot GO. The Printrbot GO is being re-designed for a version two that we cant wait to see. We would love to build the new Printrbot GO. A plan is in the works to build a CNC’d version of the GO V2 if the files are released.  Brook the owner of Printrbot is very good about giving back to the 3D printer/maker community.  We would assume those files would be eventually released after the beta version is tested.

CNC Version Of The Printrbot GO?
The reason we want to do a CNC version of the GO is to show the many faces of the 3D printing industry through Printrbots point of view. You have the Printrbot “Simple,” which is primarily for the person wanting to get into 3D printing without spending a ton of money. It is a very good and well thought out setup that has an almost plug and play setup. After that you have the “LC Printrbot Plus,” which is one of the largest platforms for printrbot. This is a great system for any user but is primarily used by the serious maker that wants to rapid prototype parts or products. However the Plus isn’t as portable as the Simple or the GO. Lastly we have the “GO,” This is the ultra portable larger Printrbot printer. It folds up to make its own suitcase and is for every kind of builder. It has the portability of the Printrbot Simple or Jr. with a size comparable to the Plus. Having all 3 of these printers will help us teach about the different kinds of printers and what their advantages are.


You can tell that Printrbot’s line-up of printers was well thought out as they have a printer for every kind of maker/enthusiasts. RepRap Squad and its members have been and will continue to promote Printrbot as they have shown time and time again their abilities to strive as an honest and caring company.  Companies like this, the ones that care about the little guy are few and far between.  It’s refreshing to deal with a company that when they make a mistake as we all do say, “I’m sorry we forgot this, what can we do to fix the problem?”  They have proven to be a great business to work with by not only my experiences but, the experiences of countless other customers.

I thoroughly enjoy the connection that Brook and the Printrbot team have with the maker community. That connection is one of the most important things to have as a company within this industry. It’s not only good for Printrbot, its good for us as builders of all sorts. That connection gives us the ability to continuously push the boundaries of 3D printing. Unfortunately this bond is never created or is later thrown by the wayside when companies become, “successful.” I use Printrbot as an example of what you should not only do to have a successful company but, examples of things you can do to have a successful life. I have found many examples of skills and important attributes to share with my students. An example is a saying we have in a lot of my classes. “You can do it poorly or you can do it the Printrbot way.” The kids get this concept and is an important thing for them to learn. They are learning that its important to take your time to do something to the best of your ability versus just, “getting it done.” They see examples of this throughout blogs, Twitter and other social media outlets. This gives them a tremendous amount of pride in their work and they know that no matter what they did their best.

So go out there and make something new, make something different and no matter what your doing or creating. Do it the Printrbot way, with everything you have.

Posted from RepRap Squad HQ

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