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Printrbot Nintendo Edition

Project Goal—»
The overall goal of this project named, ” Printrbot Nintendo Ed.” Is to create a Nintendo themed printrbot that fixes or solves any issues with the original Printrbot design. I am also doing this build with the majority of the parts re-used or donated. Once this printrbot is done I will print the parts for 3 more. One will be donated to a local school, one will be passed on to an avid reader and participators of this site. The third one will be donated to who ever gives the most contributions to this build or they will have the option of having other parts printed for their use.

Donations are also currently being taken for all other parts needed for the one being donated to a local school. I think that it is very important that kids get to learn how to build and operate repraps at a young age. They will learn so much from building, printing and maintaining their Printrbot. It turn the school will be printing parts for at least 3 more Printrbots. Feel free to get a hold of me for questions and possible donations. I am also available to help out builders or “newbees.” The main goal of the actual build is to, “ give my Printrbot an upgrade and wash away its downfalls. I want to build the best possible Printrbot that I can build while keeping the Nintendo theme in mind.”

***If you would like to see the entire build log click on the link posted at the top of the page***

New pictures of The Printrbot Nintendo Edition—»
These are the newest pictures of the Printrbot build. I’ve been working so hard on all our projects that I hadn’t had time to update the build log so I’m posting the new pics here before they go on the build log.

The space for my power supply and the electronics will go on the left side bay: ( Pictured Below )

New print bed cut from acrylic as well as a new larger price of glass with blue tape for PLA printing. ( Pictured Below )

My old bed on the right and my new bed is on the left, much better. ( Pictured Below )



The new full sized print bed. (Pictured above)

My new smaller and lighter muffin fan. Don’t let this little guy fool you, he’s very powerful. ( Pictured below )

Check it out this is my modded X-Axis. I used acrylic to keep the X-axis from warping as well as the mount for the idler bearing for the belt. I’ve tested this on another built Printrbot and it works great. It has a lot of benefits. ( Pictured below )

This is my new fan controller setup. My extruder fan is controlled via pronterface but I use this 4-way controller for electronics cooling. It controls my power supply cooling as well as LED lighting and bed mounted fan that cools the first few layers. The bed fan is not yet mounted. ( Pictured Below )

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