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New Changes That Printrbot Employs

This is the new news from Printrbot. Many changes are happening and Printrbot has a new focus.
The Jr. is all grown up.

Upgraded in every possible way. The new revision features are:6x6x6″ build volume (216 cu. in.)Heated Aluminum Bed (super flat!)Machined Aluminum Z axis blockAll 12 bearing blocks are machined from aluminum.3/8″ ACME rod for silky smooth Z axis movementIncludes ATX power supply + Power Tower (ABS, PLA, etc) AND smaller laptop style power supply + spool coaster for printing PLA on the go.Same great folding design, but sturdier when set up to print Streamlined width, longer base, but same overall length – still fits in a back pack when folded1.75mm Direct Drive with fan to cool your PLA prints.

Printrboard access is now underneath for convenience and a sturdier baseBelt tensioners built in for X and Y axisOur new Printrbot Jr. v2 will replace the Printrbot LC as our medium sized and medium priced 3d printer. It offers better equipment and the added convenience of folding up to save space and ease travel. It’s the best of both desktop printing and portability at a competitive price. We think you will love it. This is the first time we have introduced a bot that is only available fully assembled and calibrated. We have had a great run with our kits, but as the market matures and more and more newcomers delve into the wild world of 3D printing, we want to be able to ensure great success the first time around.  If you were hoping to put together your own Jr, we will have the v1 Jr on sale all week, so get them while they are still available.

This is our longest Newsletter yet, but I am excited about the changes!  Sorry for the long windedness! -Brook

New Focus on Fully Assembled Product Line!

Buying an assembled Printrbot ensures the best possible experience.  Take it out of the box, install the software, and start printing! As our company grows, we want to do our best to ease headaches and avoid any problems for our customers. We had a great run with our full product line being available as assembled bots AND kits, but its time to focus to keep up with demand.  The Printrbot Simple (4x4x4″ build volume) is available BOTH as a kit ($299) and a fully assembled bot ($399), so if you are a Maker and want to build – go for it!  The Simple is also, well, simpler to build.  It is the perfect bot to learn 3D printing – we encourage everyone to build their Printrbot Simple, but at a mere $100 premium to avoid any unforeseen snafus – the fully assembled version is tempting, indeed. Having the Simple as such a great introductory printer at a mind-boggling price gave us the confidence to focus on the Simple as our sole kit offering.  The Printrbot Jr.v2 (6x6x6″ build volume) is assembled at $699 and offers a sturdy, compact, travel-ready option.  The Jr. v2 is still quite small but with a respectable build volume – check out the overall box size of the competition out there! We are confident that the Jr. now holds it’s own when compared to any printer with equal build volume, bar none.  

The added rigidity of this bot quiets all concern that only printers inside a box can produce great results. It stands alone as the printer that fits in a backpack (OK, so does the Simple). If you want a desktop 3D printer, but can see yourself lugging it around to meetings, vacations and the local hackerspace  -this is a great choice.The Printrbot Plus (8x8x8″ build volume) is our flagship printer with a massive 512 cu. in. build volume – even more volume than a Replicator 2 (410 cu. in).  Compare the price of a Plus at $999 to a Replicator 2 at $2199… that’s less than half the cost with more build volume! If price and build volume matter, we rest our case.  Our new ultra-flat heated aluminum build plate is a huge improvement! A flat platform means less problems and better prints. We are testing our dual and triple extruder upgrades for the Plus and will soon equal and even surpass Makerbot in the multi-head extruder game. And did we mention the Plus is half the cost? The dual-head Replicator 2X is $2799. OK, enough comparisons 🙂 We love our Plus and are excited to focus on making it even better as a fully assembled bot. New Focus on 1.75mm Direct Drive & Filament

Our Printrbot Simple debuted with our new 1.75mm direct drive extruder, and it is a big hit! It is smaller, has a custom machined drive gear, and comes with a fan to ease PLA printing and small objects.  This combination has proved to be a winner. While technically, you can’t really say it prints better than a 3mm setup, it does offer some clear advantages.  Our designs are as small as we can make them, so its a great fit for Printrbot.  Imagine two (or three) side by side in a multi-extruder setup. Our cantilevered design for the Simple and Jr benefit from the lighter weight. All our printers can potentially move faster with less mass to drag around, too.  We have added some additional colors to our 1.75mm PLA filament line and new 1.75mm ABS colors are on the way.  To reduce confusion when buying, and to streamline our options and SKUs, we are moving to ALL 1.75mm ALL the time.  If this move has you upset with a deep library of 3mm filament, not to worry… we put our 1.75mm direct drive conversion kit on sale to ease teh pain.  All our legacy models can be fitted with the new 1.75mm direct drive extruder setup – be sure to grab a 1.75mm hotend too!  Check out our close-out sale on 3mm filament too. Kickstarter Endorsement:

Roller Clutch Ratchet Drives
On a personal note:  I have gotten LOADS of kickstarters begging me to throw my support behind their project… I almost never do.  But one of my meetup attendees pulled out the sweetest ratchet wrench I have ever seen or used.  I begged him to sell it to me right there.  I am not kidding – there is no way I can explain how good this wrench is… it is so silky smooth with absolutely ZERO backlash or lost distance when engaging the drive. I am sitting here grinning just thinking about it.  I love tools and have grown to appreciate the RIGHT tool for the job… you need this tool. When he told me he wanted to do a kickstarter, I immediately gave him all my tips and volunteered to be in the video.  I am not getting paid to endorse this at all, but he was kind enough to ask me to be on his board!  Why? (wait for it…)  The handles are going to be 3d printed!  I love this. Love it love it love it.  If his kickstarter funds, I will volunteer to offer the printing power of our community – a venerable 3D print army!  Each printed handle will earn a fee and we can all be part of a new way to manufacture.  Its been a pet pieve of mine for a while that people throw around “decentralized manufacturing” and other claims about 3D printers and printing.  I have never actually seen this at work.  Now is our chance.  I hope you will consider backing – you WILL NOT REGRET IT…. this wrench is so choice… AND you can opt to be a part of the Printrbot 3D Print Army that will fill these orders.  I, for one, hope this thing happens just to have a real example of ACTUAL decentralized manufacturing from community members.  (End of excited rant).

 NEW Printrbot Customer Satisfaction and Community Leader! Dave Hayes

We are committed to making better products… to innovating… to making 3D printing easier for the masses… to challenge the margin-heavy prices of our competition… and to supporting our community and customers.  To our ever-patient customers, may I introduce our FULL TIME customer satisfaction guy – Dave Hayes.  Dave is my brother-in-law who wisely married Sarah, my wife’s baby sister.  For over a year now, I have secretly been interviewing him – he didn’t even realize it until I offered him a job.  In short, Dave will shore up my impulsive, shoot-ready-aim approach and treat our beloved customers as they should have been treated from the beginning — with top tier documentation, fast trouble-ticket turn-arounds, an actual phone number to call and talk about your needs, and a good-guy demeanor that stands out so strong, I have never seen it’s equal.  I know that is high praise, but seriously, you will love this guy.  Be gentle.  He starts Monday and there is a significant backlog… but we are all rallying around him to get him off to a good start.

 We are glad he is here. Welcome, Dave!
Printrbot HQ: 916 543-5377
Thanks to all our customers and supporters.  We love you all.
Brook Drumm

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Printrbot Jr. Getting A Makeover?

Make sure to check back often for the newest news!
Update: I just got news that the new Jr. Will have a 6×6 bed and also come with a heated bed option. I also found out that the z axis will be upgraded to ACME precision rods. I posted a link to and early picture of the jr. V2 and Brook at printrbot said he had an epiphany today on the design. Impressive Printrbot, impressive!

Update: August 17th 2013 6:54pm – The new Printrbot jr. V2 has officially been released for purchase. This news comes with information that Printrbot is re-structuring their line-up and focus to more plug and play appliance like printer.

Update: August 4th 5:30pm – New news on the Printrbot Jr. It will have aluminum blocks on all bearings and the printrboard will mount from the bottem. It’s being said that it will have ultra regid construction. We will update as we fimd out anymore information, so check back or sign up for email notification!

RepRap Squad has speculated for some time that the Printrbot Jr. will be receiving a makeover. Until now it has just been speculation.  We now have conformation that Printrbot will soon be releasing the Jr. V2. A lot of different upgrades will be had for sure leaving the Jr. better than ever. We think that ACME Z-axis rods may be one of those upgrades and no matter what we know that this long standing platform will quickly become a favorite of newcomers and enthusiasts alike.
The Jr. V1 will be retiring anyday now to make way for the new and improved V2. You can expect all of the great innovations built into the original Jr. with a combination of all the new techniques and design Printrbot has mastered over the past couple of years. We would assume that a price increase would follow as the new V2 will most definitely have a lot of upgraded parts.

The Jr. Platform is one that RepRap Squad has never built but, definitely seen in action with promising results. Plans for RepRap Squad are in the works to eventually adapt V2 Jr. Files to be cut via CNC as Brook-the creator of Printrbot has a good habit of releasing his files into the wild for such experimentation. No word yet if Printrbot will release a builders kit as they did with the Simple but hey, we can all wish cant we? RepRap Squad will be closely following the Jr’s growth from V1 to the new and improved V2. So check back for all the latest updates and the best Printrbot news!


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