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Printing A Future Foundation:

We are now officially starting a foundation called, Printing A Future Foundation: Its a foundation based on the idea that it is important for kids through teens in schools and other locations to have the tools they need for future industry. Classes and clubs will have access to these printers, such as: Science classes, shop rooms, rocket clubs and many many more. We are not going to stop there, we want to get as many people that would like access to a printer the opportunity to do so. With peoples donations classrooms and people all over will be given access to their own machines. This will give them the chance to learn about engineering, rapid prototyping, design, manufacturing, and a limitless amount of other categories. With these tools the builders of tomorrow will have the ability to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Current Status:
We have currently taken a short break from donating printers as we are in the midst of research and development on behind building a printer that can be built using the things found around you. We want this printer to not only look good but have great prints as well. The goal is to be able to build a better printer for even cheaper than ever without making print quality suffer. If you have any parts, filament, or not so pretty vitamins. Please get a hold of us so we can continue development on this project which will make every penny count when it comes to donations. The completion of this project means we will be able to help more people.

Here’s my story:


So a while ago I started donating parts and time teaching classes to schools around Oregon/Washington area. I started collecting donations of spare parts including but not limited to: Filament, bearings, rods, hot-ends, etc. I received a few donations of parts from the reprap community for these builds. In the beginning I mostly spent my own money funding this project. Some of the donated parts are used to build full or partial repraps that are directly given to schools and other groups or organizations. While others are used to build fully functional repraps that are used to print a part kit that are later donated, depending on the needs of the recipient.

I go around to different schools and conduct a class teaching the ins and outs of 3D printing. Kids are our future so i think it is important to give them the tools they need in order to flourish in this industry. Depending on need and interest I sometimes conduct more classes and I am always help out with their future needs. After a few of these classes I decide on what their donation needs are; whether it be kits or fully built bots. The classes that receive these donations in turn print off more parts to donate to a group of their choosing. This has turned out to be a great program and is currently starting to flourish.

I recently received a cash donation thanks to Jim D. at a local Tire Store. Its people like him that are insuring that this program will continue for years to come. This is my current project and I wanted to share this with you. If you would like to donate anything-rods, scrap filament or any other reprap related items it would be great. This is a story to inspire you to help out with your local community and charity’s alike. Thanks to the people that helped out anyway they could as well as all the help you all have given me with questions I have had with these builds as well as your support during this project. Feel free to contact me about donations you may have. Every little bit helps. Happy building !!

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