About RepRap Squad

RepRap Squad was simple an idea sometime ago. I had a few friends with different backgrounds ranging from high school grads to Aero mechanical engineering. We all fell in love with the 3D industry before it was even an industry. Even though we all had way different backgrounds, we came together and shared our talents when it came to building RepRaps. We are now spread through out the U.S. working in a lot of different industries.

The one talent we all share is RepRaps. I decided to have a meeting of the minds to announce the launch of RepRap Squad. Everyone was more ready than ever to work on new projects that would press the boundaries of what the RepRap industry had ever done before. Now we can work on our own projects and get help from each other as well as work on projects as a group. Our group projects work well even though we are not always together. We break the projects into sections, depending on what your educational background or expertise is.

After a little while we started to thrive under this more structured environment known as RepRap Squad. Today we are still working on projects and always trying to take RepRap’s to the next level. The designs are always evolving just like any great idea should. All of our builds are open source.

Recently we wanted to figure out a way we could not only give back to the 3D printing community but give back to all sorts of different people. We created, ” Printing A Future Foundation, ” as a way to get 3D printers into the hands of people everywhere. We teach classes at schools, clubs and other groups. We teach the ins and outs of 3D printing and do everything we can to get them started. Working soley off donations to build kits, full bots and other parts to insure that they get the tools of today to solve the problems of tomorrow. This blog will serve as a platform that we can use to share our builds, ideas and designs. So enjoy and if you have any comments, questions or need help feel free. We are always available to help a fellow builder.

If you are interested in writing an article or posting any finding you may have relative to this content feel free to email me or post a comment. We are always looking for talented people that have a craving for the 3D printing industry.

Calen’s acct: @REPRAPSQUAD
Email: REPRAPSQUAD@techie.com


  1. This is kind of petty, but maybe you guys can help me out:
    I’m new to the 3d printing scene and I’m doing a lot of research before my new printrbot comes in the mail. So far, the most helpful places have been here, and the Printrbot Talk forum. Unfortunately, for some reason it wont let me post or even attempt to register for the forum. I searched for an admin to contact but found none. I did find that you were on the reputation top list though. So here I am, asking you to help me out by maybe contacting their forum to maybe solve the issue? Any help would be great.

    • I will talk to the admin as I know him very well. His name is Plexus on the forum. I will email him today and let him know your having issues. I’m very thankful to hear that we have been so helpful to you, If you ever have any other questions or need any help, please let us know.

  2. I emailed you with some questions to your .edu acct.

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