Envious Mod’s Highlights (3D Printing Hits Case Modding)

Here’s some highlights on our favorite builds:

StarCraft (Day Zero) Case Build:


Custom LEDs light up the fabricated HD and SSD rack A ton of custom featutes were fabricated to give the case this look



One of the final pics of the StarCraft Day Zero case we built You can see that a lot of customization was done to the rear side of the case. We also added a top removable panel that lets you easily access all the power supplies wiring. Two side mounted 120mm Corsair fans were added to help keep the GPUs cool.


We added adjustable front louvers to exhaust air from the relocated PSU.


The top 3 X 120mm XSPC fans help exhaust hot air out the top of the case. With the extensive air-cooling setup we decided to add fan controller so they can be adjusted manually or through software.


Since we moved the PSU to the optical bay we added an extensive cable management setup. A section of the motherboard tray has been cut out to allow for quick CPU cooler swaps.


Wireless controllers for the RGB LEDs have also been added.


Mini Mods:


We built this GPU backplate using several different types of acrylic and vinyl.


This colored acrylic backplate was made for a sound card.



We custom made this optical bay switch panel that has an indicator light for each switch.


This GPU backplate was made using two seperate peices of acrylic



This hand made Terran Marine has been hand painted to give it a battle hardened look


  We custom modded this Sythe CPU cooler with acrylic and 3D printed parts  


We made a custom mount and display for a FrozenQ res. We also replaced the cold cathode with LEDs. We custom sleeve and make cables


Modding Highlights: Here’s a few highlights of builds/mods we’ve done for customers at Envious Mods

    If you interested in having custom case mods, pc builds or 3d printed parts done; contact Envious Mods


About Envious Mods

Custom PC case mods and fabrication is a lifestyle for me. I love being able to come up with an idea and then make it a reality. If you need help with your own case mods or ideas I'm always available. Happy Modding!

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