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All Things Printrbot Being Updated

I have started to go through the very popular page, ” All Things Printrbot – All in One Place.” I have started to re-organize the page as well as check all the links to make sure that there is no dead links. I will also be adding content for the updated Printrbot line-up. Check out the page and if you know of a site or link that you feel should be on the page; let me know via email or comments. 


StarCraft 2 Terran Themed Case Mod

StarCraft 2 Terran Case:

I have started to collect parts for future builds as well as a StarCraft 2 Terran case that has been requested by a few different people. I haven’t completely decided how I am going to do the SC (StarCraft) case. 3D models of Terran badges, shields and characters have been designed, which gets me into the right frame of mind. One ideas that I’ve been playing with is to make this case look like a console to a strategic nuclear strike that is used in the game. 

More than likely I will go for a futuristic look that has been battle hardened. I can achieve this look through carful design and airbrushing techniques. After some painstaking work I was able to get a bunch of sound clips from the game such as the infamous, “Nuclear launch detected” and “incoming transmission, data link…” These might be used on the computer as notification sounds or a sequence when the computer is first turned on/reset.

So It Begins:

Terran Shield:

This case has a fairly tight schedule and its being done at the same time as a few other builds. So far we have decided to mount the Terran shield on the right side panel. It will be fairly large and it will be cut from pretty thick lexan. More than likely I will add vinyl to the top and back lite the lexan which will make the edges of the shield glow.

Terran Shield Build:

I found a image of the shield online and used Microsoft paint to scale it to the proper size (8 X 11 inches.) I took the prints template and cut it so that I could make a new template using hard stock. Once the hard stock is cut out I used painters tape to mount it to a piece of lexan. After that I made quick work of cutting out the template on my scroll saw. Now that I have the shield cut out I need to sand all the edges smooth. Typically I will start sanding with 100 grit sandpaper and a set of small needle files to get everything perfectly straight. 

The rougher sandpaper also helps to sand away any tool marks left behind from cutting it out on my scroll saw. Working your way up to finer sandpaper (2000+ grit) helps to polish the edges smooth. All I have left is to get the LEDs setup for the rear lighting and figure out what I’m going to use to cover the top layer. More than likely I will use either vinyl or thin metal for the top.

Terran Eagle Logo:

The Terrans have two different logos/shields. One is the first one I made that looks like a shield and the second one is an eagle with a triangle. I thought it would be sweet to have them both because, after all it is a terran case. I will go through the same process as I did with the last one. The main difference is the amount of detail and the fact that this logo isn’t all one piece. I will have to figure out some sort of backplate to hold all the pieces in place.

Here’s the almost completed Terran Logo:

StarCraft SC2 Build

I spent the last couple days working on the StarCraft 2 piece that will mounted either on the front or top of the case. I started by first printing out a template and then cut it all out of lexan. I later decided to wrap it in white and black carbon fiber to match the overall feal for the case. 

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