Printrbot – New All Aluminum Extruder, Now Available!!

Update: January 11th 2013
Printrbot is now offering the aluminum direct drive extruder while slowly phasing out the wood DDE. The simple is among the first printers to offer the aluminum extruder with the purchase of the kit or assembled unit. It is called the 2014 edition and also comes with an extended aluminum bed. You can buy the upgrade kit as well which will bring your older simple up to the new specs. A great deal for the price. If you buy the aluminum extruder upgrade kit by itself and you have a v1 plus or lc, make sure to check out for adapter plates.

Printrbot has recently released some pics of their long anticipated aluminum extruder. They cut the fat off of the direct drive extruder (DDE) and dressed it up with a shiny new design. The new DDE is lighter, stronger, easier to load, boasting with design flare and just down right cool looking. They have re-oriented the spring tensioner which will allow for much easier swaps and adjustment. We anticipate the release of the production version of the dual and possibly triple extruder setup at the same time of the new DDE.


Here it is in all its glory

With an estimated price of about $40 for the all aluminum DDE, it’s something anyone can afford and will surely boost print quality as well as reliability. In the dual extruder beta the DDE’s are placed side by side which eats up a bit of x axis travel. The new design is thought to be placed one behind the other, giving the overall layout a better look with better overall balance. Another thing to consider is the fact that aluminum won’t swell and be effected by heating cycles like the wood DDE. This means the new extruder is more of an investment, then an upgrade. I say this because it will save you money and frustration in the long run.


You can see that these are mirrored version for dual extruder setups

We will be testing out the performance of the new DDE VS the wood DDE and reporting our findings for those who need a little more encouragement before buying. We expect the release of the dual extruder and all aluminum extruder to be very soon.

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