Calling All Beta Testers! Evo H-1 Beta is Almost Here!

What is the Evo H-1?
The Evo H-1 is a new way to get rid of that laptop or computer when printing and still have all the benefits of one – that will fit in your pocket.

Here’s the Skinny:
Soon we will be releasing 5-10 of our handheld touch screen controllers that you can edit, print and get a realtime G.U.I. We are looking for beta testers that are willing to give updates via email or over the phone about this one of a kind controller called, “Evo H-1 beta. ” The Evo controller offers much more than an LCD screen add-on, it will allow you to Print via USB or if you really don’t want to be chained down – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You will be able to store your files on an SD card much as you would with  regular LCD screen setup.

The best part about this setup isn’t just the price, it’s what you can do with the Evo. It will serve almost all the functions that your laptop does in a handheld format. We are currently integrating it to work with Repitier and Pronterface. Eventually we plan to integrate it go work with any printer U.I. If you are all about being on the cutting edge of 3D printing and fit the requirements outlined, than get a hold of us.

Main Features:
• Color 4-5″ TFT Screen, eventually up to 8″+
• Standalone operating system. You can do almost anything print wise that you can do with your laptop or computer.
• Print completely without the use of your computer or laptop
• Have complete control of your printer
• Touch screen control as well as some programmable buttons for quick options
• Ultra portable, light weight and it will fit in your pocket.
• Print from SD card and soon you will be able to print via Wi-Fi, irda or Bluetooth.
• Custom cases to choose from
• We are aiming for the sub $150 dollar range to keep it competitive with regular LCD\SD options even though it does much more

As of now we are attempting to finish up all the hardware on the touch screen control. The first prototype has already been finished and is operational. We are now trying to find ways to get the cost down for our production and beta version. So far we have determined that Bluetooth and USB seems to work more effeciantly than WiFi in short range tests with the current configuration. More then likely it will be up to the user to determine which is preferred as both are planned to be included. We are also diving into an IP camera option. That way you can view your bot anywhere your WiFi is available. It is looking like the a version should be ready for the first few beta testers within the next month or so. More then likely we will release 5-10 beta’s out into the world, update and reconfigure if needed with the production release following soon after.

Beta Release
What kind of testers we’re looking for:

• Must have background in software and hardware integration
• A natural problem solver who isn’t afraid of troubleshooting potential issues that may come up
• Preferably an owner of at least 2 or more 3D printers that are of different types. (We want to be able to test this on as many different platforms as possible)
• Someone who is good at documenting their experience with the product and is willing to give regular feedback via email.
• Preferably someone within the U.S. but this is not a requirement and will be taken on a case by case determination. (This is due to time it takes to ship and clear custom’s)
• A background in Linux operating systems is a plus.

* Some of these prerequisites may change as we get closer to releasing the beta version.

If you fit the requirements and want to get a beta version of the Evo H-1 at a discounted price email or contact us at:

(More information and pictures related to Evo will be released as we get closer to the beta release)

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