Add-ons, Mods? Printrbot says, “Yes”

Recently Printrbot has been busy coming up with ways to expand your stock platform into whatever you would like it to be. The Simple platform has been the main focus of a lot of these mods but, the JR. and Plus will get their fair share we suspect. Add-ons for the Simple include: Tower mod, aluminum bed, tensioner kit and a print space extension. The Jr has recently been completely revived with the release of the V2’s. Printrbot also released a few products that can be used for several of their platforms. Mods like: GT2 belts, aluminum pulleys and 12″ ACME rod. With options like this the avid maker feels right at home. This allows them to fully customize their bot to match their needs and wants in a 3D printer.


This is the Simples extended platform aluminum bed which will give you the best setup to print completely flat

Printrbot also threw a LCD panel with wood stand into the mix. At $65 this is a good buy although I would like to see printrbot make a mount that fits on the Plus, Jr and Simple platform. Something that mounts to the actual frame of these platforms and that looks like it was meant to be that way. Most of the makers I know don’t have enough desk space as it is with all of their projects and builds spilling over the edges of their work space. So it would be nice to see a mountable setup.


LCD with desktop stand from

The Printrbot Simple tensioner kit was also one of the recent releases but I don’t necessarily consider it a add-on because it’s now a part of the Simples kit. A lot of people have been having issues getting their Spectra line tight enough. When the line isn’t tight issues like printing ovals instead of circles creep up. Brook at Printrbot also released a printable tensioner for the Simple that way if you already bought a Simple and you need a tensioner but you don’t want to spend the money – you can print your own by going on


This is the new tensioner kit that can be purchased by itself but, is included in all new Simples purchased


Here's the printable tensioner for your Simple

We have also heard rumors that Printrbot is considering making add-ons out of different materials as an option. Personally I think this would be a great idea. Being able to offer different colors and materials would allow the end user to match their 3D printer to their own personality. Add-ons and mods are definitely the way to go as some prefer print speed over resolution and vice versa. For a builder with the ultimate goal of getting the best resolution a GT2 setup would be king.  The reason for this is fairly simple. GT2’s have more,  smaller rounded teeth. Combined with a 20 tooth pulley will allow the belt to have more of its surface space on the pulley at one time. The only trade off is that the average speed will be reduced. If you don’t require a great resolution and you just want your parts quick then an MXL belt would be a better one to run on your bot.


GT2 belts and pulleys

Personally a few things that I would like to see from Printrbot include coupling options. That way Printrbot could become more of a one stop shop. Other add-ons that would be interesting to see include: ACME rod in lengths ordered by the inch, as of right now you can only order them in a 12″ size. Being too specific to one bot is needed with some mods but, some parts can be used accross several platforms by not limiting orders to specific sizes or lengths.


ACME rod comes in 12 inch lengths with required nut

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