Dual Extruder Beta Members

(Currently a Work in Progress)

* I also have a build log under the posting, ” Dual extruder beta, now here! ”

If you need help with your dual extruder beta, you have reached the right place. Due to all the confusion about cables, firmware and assembly.  I have decided to create this page to use as a platform to get you up and printing as quickly as I can. I will be adding pictures and diagrams to help you reference what is what. I have got my dual extruder beta up and tested but, I still need to order some belts as well as pullys before I can do a full print test. I have run across some issues along the way as we all do especially when it comes to doing a beta. I also have another poet referencing the dual extruder beta that documents my journey into this beta program.

Pics and Wiring Diagrams:
Here’s what I’ve put together so far:

Early issues:

We have noticed a few issues including faults thrown by the U.I. because there is no thermister plugged into the 3rd extruder plug on the small daughter board. This can be fixed by using a 100k resister for a dummy load. The best way to overcome this issue is to plug in an extra thermister into the thermister plug for the non existent 3rd extruder.  If you are using 3 hotends you will not run into this issue. I would assume that Printrbot would fix this via firmware but, it has not been confirmed as of now. Also remember that thermisters dont have a specific polarity which means it doesn’t matter which way you plug it in.

Here’s Some Pics of My Dual Extruder Build:


Here you can see the blue task lights I chose to add in order to see my prints better


I also decided to add heatsinks to both extruder motors


Here's the plexi cable management channels that keep all my wiring organized


Here is a better view of the dual extruders as well as the 3 task lights


Also known as the, "drinking straw trick." I extended my PTFE tubing down into my extruder to eliminate any chance of binding


A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a few thousand for ya

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