Printrbot Plus V2.1, V2.2 & V2.3 – Coming To The Masses


Update: October 24th 2013
It has been made aware to me that today printrbot is also releasing a Printrbot Plus V2.1. I just got word from Brook at printrbot that they will be selling kits again. This means you will be able to assemble your own bot once again. I was also told that the plus will be getting some upgrades at no additional charge. The Plus V2.1 will now include : LCD panel, heated bed, wider platform, acme rods, all aluminum bearing blocks on every axis, GT2 belts and aluminum pulleys. Printrbot is definitely doing it right and you get all of this and more for the same price as the V2’s.


I present the new Printrbot Plus V2.1

A lot of exciting things are going to happen at Printrbot which means we will have the ability to get the best that the consumer market has to offer. RepRap Squad will have to wait quite a while before we can afford this version but, hey we can dream can’t we? It’s almost like Brook and the designers crawled into my head and built the perfect bot. I can’t wait to see the products that come out of this printing platform. It is truly a thing of beauty with a few small design changes that may only be noticable to the true Plus lover. If you were debating on buying a Plus, now is the time to pull the trigger on this updated masterpiece.

I was also told that this is just the start of lots of cool things coming soon to the printrbot store

RepRap Squad has recently found out that Printrbot plans on releasing a Printrbot Plus version 2.2 and version 2.3. V2.2 will signify the dual extruder setup with a twist. Its a kit that will make your Printrbot Plus wider than before to accommodate the extra room taken up by the dual direct drive extruders. This is very exciting news and quite frankly a mod that we have been wishing for since we first got our Plus V2. It’s simple enouph to add some height to your Z-axis but, X-axis is a little more difficult. We haven’t seen any pictures yet to let us know how they plan on extending the width of this glorious bot. We assume that it woukd be some kind of bolt on that attaches itself to the existing base. However it could also be a new base entirely that would be ready and waiting for that aluminum bearing block we’ve been eying for the last few weeks that is now included as part of the assembled Printrbot line-up.

I want to introduce you to the coolest thing since sliced bread and chocolate milk, the Printrbot Plus V2.3. This setup will be much like the V2.2 with the exception being that it will be designed for the triple extruder setup that we assume Printrbot will be releasing after their dual extruder beta is finished. Since the beginning, we at RepRap Squad have dreamed of a day that we could print on a triple extruder setup. Now knowing that Printrbot will offer a wider base along with the triple extruder, brings tears of joy as we anticipate its release.

Printrbot has thrown us a few curveballs with the recent announcement of no more kits available but, they have definitely re-inspired the maker inside me with all these new mods coming out. These add-ons are making Printrbot to be a force to be reckoned with. You may not be able to buy non-assembled printers anymore with exception of the Printrbot Simple but, you can still however personalize your bot to fit your needs even more than ever thought possible. We’ve always been a fan of making our printers represent who we are and what we like and I must say that I’m a wide, tall, triple extrusion kinda guy. We will definitely be updating as we get anymore information on this great list of soon to be add-ons.

Posted from RepRap Squad HQ


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  1. Conflicted @best

    Yeah – curveballs is RIGHT — the panic-inducing threat of kits no mas — sure drew me into the trap, when it turns out that if I had ONLY WAITED a TINY BIT LONGER. . . .

    Oh well? Well, now that this is the case, it seems to me that it would be NICE (hint hint) if they now offered something of a ?deal? on a kit upgrade package. I’m finding the crooked Z-rods kindof a pain; likewise with tying up a laptop because the printing directly from SD card leaves one totally OUT of control if something goes awry (can’t stop the thing by anything short of killing the power) and WORST of all (for me) has been the bed leveling nightmares, so – you did mention an aluminum plate platform, didn’t you?

    Well, I won’t be holding my breath, but it surely WOULD BE NICE!!!

    Pretty exciting for those who waited, though; gotta admit that. Me? Guess I’m not so excited.


    • I know what you mean, Kind of feeling left out. I’m sure there will be some sort of upgrade kit. I’ve been told that one is planned on the plus V2, so that one can widen the current V2 to match the new size in an option for dual and triple extruders. That extra width will make up for the lost space taken away by extra extruders. I have a feeling, hint that we will have an answer within the next 2 weeks or less.

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