DeltaPrintr – About To Hit Kickstarter?

Many of us have seen delta printers and their many variations. The DeltaPrintr however is engineered for simplicity and easy operation with great results, a 100 micron to be exact. It also uses high strength Specra line to create linear motion instead of belts which is a cost savings passed on to the customer reports DeltaPrintr designers. It’s main attributes include ease of assembly and less time being spent calibrating.  This design had some main goals from what we can tell, one of those being more time printing and less time trying to get it to print.


Another thing the DeltaPrintr designers spent time on was interchangeable parts that are easy to hack and mod for you true makers out there. The price for one of these printers has not yet been comfirmed but, we at RepRap Squad expect it to be very competitive compared to other printers on the market today. Below you can see a sneak peek of the print quality leaving us wanting more. No belts can only mean one thing, less slips and more quality prints.


It seems to me that the DeltaPrinter should have a good sized print volume yet no specific size has been comfirmed. With a top mounted spool convenience and portability look to be a plus. Check out more info on the DeltaPrintr HERE as it’s expected that this printer will be a hit for both beginners and pro’s alike.

Shai from DeltaPrintr says, “We are considering offering kits on our kickstarter for those who already have most of the components to build a Deltaprintr such as motors and electronics. Although, we will be manufacturing our own electronics in a professional encasing so that any 3D Printer enthusiast can use our board without having to fiddle with wires (simple plug and play).” It seems to us that DeltaPrintr is looking at the big picture when it comes to what many enthusiasts want.

Shai goes on to say, ” Speaking of plug and play, we designed a beautiful manual for those who are complete newbies to 3D Printing. Unlike most companies who offer kits for their users and then simply point them to a youtube video or a half-finished  text manual put together by community members, our intentions are not just to showcase how to assemble a Deltaprintr through very easy to read visuals, but also to give tips to users along the way as to how things work so they learn something throughout the process of assembling their Deltaprintr.” With this we can tell that a good part of their focus is on teaching beginners how to build, print and let out their inner maker. It’s a smart direction to take as 3D printing is becoming more mainstream everyday. One thing that detours new builders is a lack of direction as they want to feel like no matter what issues they run up against, they can find the information needed to solve that problem. We believe that one focus that DeltaPrintr should have is an active forum. This has proved to be an invaluable tool for Printrbot.

We asked Shai, ” What is your main goal for creating the DeltaPrintr? ” He told us that, ” Our goal has always been to make an affordable 3D printer. But we also believe that there’s more to assembling a 3D Printer than just following a tutorial. When an individual assembles a 3D printer, the experience they gain helps them understand the benefits and limits of a 3D printer, and we aim to highlight that in our visual manual so the user gets a total 360 degree experience from assembly, to maintenance, to gaining new knowledge of this fascinating technology.”

I must also say do to some people’s confusion that DeltaPrintr is doing a contest for links. I posted my link above as many people have done. Even though it would be cool to win a printer to donate use of but, I’m not writing this to win anything as my main focus is to bring my readers good content on the 3D printing industry. If you would like to visit DeltaPrintr without using that link, feel free to click HERE to be forwarded to DeltaPrintr’s site.


Posted from RepRap Squad HQ


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