RepRap Tool Case

I’m commonly looking through my large backstock looking for specific nuts, bolts or tools. So I decided that since I already had a nice case that I wasn’t using, I should put the most commonly used things in it. Some ideas I had of things to put in this case include: Scrapers, multi-meter, electrical tape, allen wrench set, soldering iron, complete ratchet set with lots of attachments,  small file set, nuts, bolt, washers, and a few other printer related items.

Now I just needed to figure out a way to not only fit everything in the case but, do it in a way that everything is organized and easily accessible. I had a few small plastic organizers in different sizes. So I went about laying them out. I found that if I stacked them on top of each other then I should have enouph room to fit the rest. I used some extended L brackets to make a little kind of shelf by using the brackets to bolts the top container down whioe leaving room for the other one to slide underneath. For the other 2 smaller containers I used different brackets to mount them against the sides using pressure to hold them in place. After that I mounted an piece of metal scavenged out of an old printer to make another shelf in the front to put my multi-meter and files on. This mounted easily by adding a couple nuts and bolts.  All I had left was to add 3 more L brackets to the lid to mount my adjustable LED light and cold soldering iron.

Everything went together very efficiently and I actually still have room to put more things. This case is great to have as a quick go to when working on my printer or when I take it into the field for teaching classes. Things that I plan on adding for sure is my micrometer and maybe my level. If you want to build one too you can find these cases online or at your local store. They come in all shapes and sizes. Another idea is to buy foam and use your tools as a stencil to cut out little recesses for your things to sit in.



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About Envious Mods

Custom PC case mods and fabrication is a lifestyle for me. I love being able to come up with an idea and then make it a reality. If you need help with your own case mods or ideas I'm always available. Happy Modding!

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