Printrbot Tweet – Podcasts?

Printrbot (@printrbot) tweeted at 4:22 PM on Sat, Aug 03, 2013:
@ei8htohms yes, we are planning a weekly video podcast/hangout to cover some if these issues for newbies. We are probably two weeks out.

I have noticed that Printrbot is spending a lot of time lately on getting everything streamlined for new customers and people that may not be savvy in the 3D printer feild. Recently they have released a new, “Getting started guide.” They have also put a lot of effort into releasing new exploded view diagrams for there bots. This new news posted on Twitter shows the dedication that they have reserved for helping people find their way into 3D printing as well as helping customers asymboly,  build and modify their bots with ease. Future plans that I forsee for Printrbot are looking good and I imagine that they will take their already impressive customer service to the next level.

You can find all the good diagrams,  exploded views and other Printrbot related information within this blog as well as on

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