Printrbot Jr. Getting A Makeover?

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Update: I just got news that the new Jr. Will have a 6×6 bed and also come with a heated bed option. I also found out that the z axis will be upgraded to ACME precision rods. I posted a link to and early picture of the jr. V2 and Brook at printrbot said he had an epiphany today on the design. Impressive Printrbot, impressive!

Update: August 17th 2013 6:54pm – The new Printrbot jr. V2 has officially been released for purchase. This news comes with information that Printrbot is re-structuring their line-up and focus to more plug and play appliance like printer.

Update: August 4th 5:30pm – New news on the Printrbot Jr. It will have aluminum blocks on all bearings and the printrboard will mount from the bottem. It’s being said that it will have ultra regid construction. We will update as we fimd out anymore information, so check back or sign up for email notification!

RepRap Squad has speculated for some time that the Printrbot Jr. will be receiving a makeover. Until now it has just been speculation.  We now have conformation that Printrbot will soon be releasing the Jr. V2. A lot of different upgrades will be had for sure leaving the Jr. better than ever. We think that ACME Z-axis rods may be one of those upgrades and no matter what we know that this long standing platform will quickly become a favorite of newcomers and enthusiasts alike.
The Jr. V1 will be retiring anyday now to make way for the new and improved V2. You can expect all of the great innovations built into the original Jr. with a combination of all the new techniques and design Printrbot has mastered over the past couple of years. We would assume that a price increase would follow as the new V2 will most definitely have a lot of upgraded parts.

The Jr. Platform is one that RepRap Squad has never built but, definitely seen in action with promising results. Plans for RepRap Squad are in the works to eventually adapt V2 Jr. Files to be cut via CNC as Brook-the creator of Printrbot has a good habit of releasing his files into the wild for such experimentation. No word yet if Printrbot will release a builders kit as they did with the Simple but hey, we can all wish cant we? RepRap Squad will be closely following the Jr’s growth from V1 to the new and improved V2. So check back for all the latest updates and the best Printrbot news!


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  1. Not sure I understand the motivation to keep both the Jr. and the Simple in the lineup. I guess the potential to add a heated bed to the Jr. makes it more appealing to me, but is there anything about the Simple that makes that impossible for a future mod?

    • I agree with you. I do know that Printrbot has been toying with the idea of slimming down their line-up. It seems as if the Jr. will be staying for sure. I think the main reason for the Simple is that the price point makes it appealing for new people to take the plunge into 3D printing.

      • I think either bot makes sense on its own, just not sure they both make sense together. The price point and specs are too similar.

      • I expect the price of the Jr. will go up at least a little bit as im sure it with come with upgraded hardware. I agree with you but I think the Simple has sold very very well for Printrbot. The one I think they should cut out is the LC as its literally the same as the plus but, just smaller.

    • Now that you say it, that makes a lot of sense. The LC has a lot of overlap with the Jr after build volume is concerned and with the Plus as far as form factor. Having only the Simple, the Jr and the Plus in the lineup would make a lot of sense. Oh, and the reworked GO of course. 🙂

      • The GO being their large portable bot would also make sense. I also think that if they put some new engineering and thought into the GO they would have an un-stoppable machine. So for assembled bots it should be the simple, jr and plus. For kits it should be the GO and the rest. People buying the GO should have no problem with asymboly.

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