Printrbot Hits The Big Leagues

I have seen Printrbot grow from a man who just wanted to sell a few printers, to a company that is creating new industry trends to be followed by others. They have grown exponentially since their late start in 2011. Even with all their success they have remembered the little guy – the maker who has big dreams and not much to make those dreams happen. Printrbot has given those makers the ability to make those ideas, dreams and creations come true. They make affordable printers that challenge the abilities of other much more expensive 3D printers. 


Working hard on designs

They are always thinking of ways to build new upgrades, bots and tools. Printrbot has never stopped the creativity from flowing into new ways to get their manufacturing and shipping into the big leagues.  At the beginning like any other start up company, they struggled to streamline the process. While they still have a ways to go, there are several important improvements made in the way of customer service and support. Printrbot has added new Twitter accounts in order to strengthen the line of communication between the different departments and the customers. 

@printrbotships – on Twitter gives the customer a direct line to the shipping department in order to adjust, fix or change orders.

@BuildPrintrbot – you can contact the assembly department for all kinds of different questions and help.

@Printrbot you can talk to Brook the colorful creator of the Printrbot line-up. Brook is very quick to solve any issues and answer questions. Another way to contact Printrbot is on their forums via posting questions that can be answered by other users/customers or David at Printrbot. David helps oversee the behind the scene communications with the Printrbot team and he is the primary correspondent for the Printrbottalk forums. Adding these accounts has helped a lot to get customers the help they need to speed up the process from ordering to receiving your Printrbot products.


Meet Brook, the colorful creator of Printrbot

They now have several laser cutters in order to lower turn around time on parts, kits and assembled printers. Recently they also started injection molding gears to insure quality and uniformity with those products. They also started sending out their aluminum z-blocks as well as their x-axis rods with the 8mm bearings pre installed for quicker build time and a better user experience.

The laser cutter is used to cut out all the wood structure parts of the Printrbot line up. Below you can see what it looks like once the laser cutter has done its job. The Printrbot shop is always expanding – they currently inhabit a huge warehouse but only currently rent 1/5th of the available space. Who knows, maybe one day they may inhabit the whole warehouse. You can see that a good portion of the money you give to them via buying products is put back into the company in order to bring you better products quicker then ever. The current lead time for assembled units and kits is currently down to two weeks, Printrbot soon will have it down to one week or less. They do their best to turn around accessory and filiment orders within two business days.


Here's what the outer shell of the bots look like right out of the laser cutter


Now those are some good looking parts

It is refreshing to see a company that realizes the importance of hackerspaces and the tie they have within the industry. Printrbot hasn’t forgot about what started the company in the first place: the love of making/creating new things and exploring the crazy ideas that keep us builders up at night.

Check out the Printrbot hackerspace article.
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