New Prototyping Space

Update: August 30th 2013

Weve recently spent some time adding to our prototyping lab. Now we have a dedicated computer and server setup specifically for this lab which connects to all of our other work spaces. Here’s a few updated pictures but, we still need to do a little more work to get it just right.


I have a large shop with plenty of space to work but, I found it to be a good idea to setup a space that I can work primarily on prototyping 3D printers and parts. So I went about buying some new stuff as well as setting up a new spot with tools specific to these needs. This area is also temperature controlled so I can adjust temps as needed for printing with different Filiments.  Also for the recent heatwave it has made my current projects more comfortable to work on. RepRap Squad also recently ordered several thousand springs, nuts, bolts and other hardware to gear up our shop. Having all these raw materials on hand saves a lot of time when prototyping. We also took some funds and allotted them to buy more tools. Some of these tools are for convenience and some will give us the ability to build and maintain new prototypes related to 3D printing.

RepRap Squad has been expanding exponentially as of the last few months. We have made quite a bit of headway with our 5 axis projects as well as our new hotend that we will be releasing later this year. Hopefully this new prototyping space will do what it was designed to do. Inspire creativity,  give us the ability to build those inspirations as well as save time when working on current and future projects.

Shipments of all the hardware we ordered are just beginning to trickle in. We sat down and tried to order parts that we use regularly as well as some we dont commonly use. We are always finding new ways to do things so random parts are important. We just received today 45 bolts ready to be hobbed. I will be testing different hobbing styles so this should give me enouph to test with as well as start producing when I get a final product. Another product we recieved today was 150 springs all in various sizes, types and widths. Tomorrow we should receive a bigger order of just about every size and type of nut, bolt and washer combination they make.

As far as our actual shop goes we just added a 24 inch scroll saw, chop saw and we will soon pickup our drill press. We have a wide range of tools and about 2, 000 sq ft of workspace which comes in handy especially for bigger projects. For the smaller prototyping space I recently got another vice that is mountable on my CNC. The CNC has been down for maintenance and repairs for a while due to the large backlog of projects im working on. Hopefully I will be able to get my CNC up and running soon so I can mill out some parts.

Update: July 4th 2013
Today I started opening up all the packages that have arrived during the last week. I must say it feels great to have so much hardware at my disposal. I will be able to help out countless clubs, schools and students. A lot of this hardware was bought by me and a portion was donated by a hardware shop that had recently closed its doors but wanted to be able to help out the, “Printing A Future Foundation” that I run.

We are very gratefull to have such kind are caring donators. After all the RepRap movement is all about helping your fellow builder. I have set some new goals for the foundation, one of them is to design and build a donation friendly RepRap. By that I mean a reprap that is very simple in its parts as well as simple to learn how to build and maintain. I want to be able to help out as many schools and clubs as I can. In order to do that I need to come up with a rock solid and recyclable printer. One that I can use a lot of wasted recyclable products to build and keep costs down.

The new prototyping space is coming along but organising all this hardware is a little more daunting then I originally thought it would be. Im mostly excited to start new projects as well as finish a few I’ve been waiting on parts for.


The Kinect you see on the right will be a future project


We also took the time to upgrade the wiring on our PB Plus




Here is a small portion of our shop

Posted from RepRap Squad HQ


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  1. Wow, jealous. Congrats!

  2. Why thank you ei8htohms, I am very excited to be expanding.

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