Printrbot GO Discontinued? Upgraded?

Update: October 29th 2013
Brook from Printrbot just hinted to the fact that the new GO will have all the goodies that the new Plus V2.1 has. It sounds like the new go will be essentially a portable Printrbot Plus. As of today they are working on the folding mechanism. Still no word on price, options or design but I will update as I here of progress. Also on a side note, we would be dumbfounded if the new Go didn’t come with a dual extruder option.
Update: August 20th 2013
The Printrbot GO V2 has been confirmed but, as of now only as a limited release. No shipping date has been confirmed. Check back for updates as they come out.

Recently the Printrbot GO was taken off of the Printrbot webstore. Brook, the owner of Printrbot made another owner of the GO aware of the re-working and upgrade of the GO. It is a great platform that diserves to evolve along with the rest of the Printrbot line up. The GO is an often forgot about big brother of the Printrbot team. It looks like the GO might possible get a triple extruder setup that is currently being built. The UBIS hotend was built with the triple extruder in mind.


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  1. It’ll be interesting to see what Brook does with it. It is/was an extreme oddball in their catalog, being much more expensive and complicated to build and I can’t imagine they sold more than a handful (I purchased number 4 or 5 reportedly and mine may be the only one working “in the wild”, the only one shouting about it on the internets anyway…), so it makes sense that Brook would want to rework it. I suspect he’ll want to offer it fully assembled, possibly even more tricked out (and expensive one assumes), although adding multiple extruders will certainly require some creative engineering (reworking the support for the X axis carriage to make room for Bowden drives?). Don’t regret getting mine for a second, but it clearly had limited appeal compared to the rest of the bots pb makes.

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