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Current Projects: Status

* Wades extruder LC build: I’m making both regular LC and bowden versions. So far I have adjusted designs and made 1st versions. I will make another one to finalize designs and then it will be off to testing.

* Printrbot LC extruder build: I have also made the first version. It is now going to the final build made out of acrylic.

* Printrbot upgrade: I have ordered all parts needed so far to change my Printrbot original over to a Printrbot + LC V2. Parts should arrive within the next week and then I will start the task of changing over to the new V2 Printrbot +.
Update—> We are about 90% finished with the change over to the new Printrbot.

* Extruder issues: I recently had my extruder broken and the 2 LC models I’m making still have to many kinks to work out before a functional model is done. I need to figure out what to do with this task but, I have some time due to PB upgrades.

Update: New extruder being finished.

* Printing a Future Foundation: I’m still excepting donations but, classes have been paused with exception for tech support due to upgrades.

* 5- Axis Reprap: Still under construction. As per my huge backlog of projects most of the work on the 5-Axis reprap is being done in Arizona and updates are being sent to me periodically.

* Printrbot Home: This is still in the design phase. I am making a modified version that will fit the new Printrbot LC+ V2. The previous version would only fit the LC at best with a few clearance issues. The new version I am building will also offer additional support for travel and printing stability.

* New aluminum hot end: After a few years of part time design I will finally be creating my aluminum hotend. I will be heading to Washington in the next few weeks to build this new hotend. I will be building it in a full machine shop using primarily a lathe for its construction.

* Elsa i9: Work is still being done on the Elsa i9. You can check the post to see the status of this project.

* There are several other projects that will be updated as they are announced*


About Envious Mods

Custom PC case mods and fabrication is a lifestyle for me. I love being able to come up with an idea and then make it a reality. If you need help with your own case mods or ideas I'm always available. Happy Modding!

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